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Why NFW Custom Coaching NYC?

Our philosophy is simple:  

Every scholar, performing artist, or group of young scholars is unique...most people would agree with that acknowledgement. And New York City is perhaps the most diverse population in the world, with unique needs and unique talents. Yet many of our most venerated audition, test prep and tutoring companies in the U.S., along with numerous small tutoring companies in the City as well, have focused tremendous amounts of energy and resources on building "product packages" online (even integrated within the live classroom), that promote speed, efficiency and content on a schedule, over the individual needs of a scholar or group of young scholars. Test Prep, Audition Prep, and Tutoring have become some of the most commodified, digitized, and mass produced products in the 21st Century.

Ironically, almost all cognitive development studies of the last 30 years conclude that "interaction with a Master Teacher" yields the greatest growth for a student in any subject from Acting to Test Prep, because that is essentially how the human brain is hardwired to master skills and gain new information. It turns out that the Medieval and Renaissance apprentice/master form of education has been a bit more prescient than we originally thought. Consider how an infant learns to speak, or how a young child interacts with her parents to construct basic science and math centered block projects in the nursery.

NFW Custom Coaching NYC fundamentally believes that inspired and exciting education comes from "interaction with a Master Coach/Teacher" whose vetted experience and talent in a subject can be carefully tailored (often improvisationally in the classroom) to our performing artists, scholars and classes of scholars. We invest in the Master Coach/Teacher and Customer Service, not in "set schedules," online platforms, or "packages" of information. We amass a group of sources (material directly from the SAT or ACT testmakers, for example) to build the content of our unique classes, determined in conversation with YOU, as the parent, performing artist or scholar yourself, or administrator who knows both the reality of your student schedules and the needs of your scholars. Every class or tutoring project begins with a FREE CONVERSATION or "interaction" between US and YOU.

Are you intrigued? Are you ready for a more personalized kind of Audition Coaching, Test Prep and Tutoring experience? Please click on the "About," "Services" and "Contact" tabs, and arrange for a Custom Coaching Appointment today!

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