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Our Custom Services

  • Custom Audition coaching (singing as well), including aid in choosing suitable audition pieces as required. Ideal for the NYC Performing Arts High Schools, BFA and MFA program auditions, as well as Acting Studio entrance across the City
  • Custom Test Prep (PSAT/SAT/ACT/SHSAT/REGENTS/GRE) for individuals, small groups (2-5 scholars) and classes (up to 33 scholars)
  • Custom Tutoring in AP and regular subjects including Reading Comp Technique, Research and Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Math (up to SAT/ACT level Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry), Biology, Physics, Anthropology and Archaeology, Basic French, Shakespeare, American and British Literature, Dramatic Literature including the Greek/Roman Classics and Contemporary playwrights as well
  • Custom College Application Essay coaching
  • Custom Small Group Acting classes available
  • 5th - 6th Grade, Middle and High School to Collegiate and Adult custom packages available
  • Guaranteed higher grades or scores, or you receive a second custom package for FREE


  • All Custom Tutoring for individual Scholars on a $60/hour per person sliding scale, depending upon number and need. Full 40 Hour Test Prep Tutoring (1-5 scholars) are custom packages worth $700 - $500 sliding scale.
  • All Custom Classes (5 to 21 scholars, 21 to 33 scholars) negotiated as a separate contract based on an estimated base number of 33 teaching hours and 7 hours of practice testing. A group rate of 4K up to 21 scholars or 5K up to 33 scholars is applied, depending on the financial needs of a particular class and institution.
  • Every Test Prep or Tutoring Class requires additional purchase of textbooks at typically $25 or less per scholar. We use for our distributor and can negotiate purchase and shipping.
  • Your typical cost at NFW Custom Coaching NYC is a considerable savings from our competitors, simply because we fundamentally believe you shouldn't have to mortgage your house or apartment to receive top level Test Prep/Tutoring/Audition coaching, and that fair, affordable access to a trained, live and inspired Master Teacher/Coach is the only way to guarantee educational success.
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