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I founded NFW Custom Coaching NYC as a response to the unfortunate priorities I had witnessed as a Master Teacher at several Test Prep/Tutoring and NYC Teaching Artist programs. Somehow the needs of the students and NYC schools, and the unique coaching talents of myself and other Master Teacher colleagues employed in order to teach to those needs, weren't valued or integrated into the "packages" prepared for our students and classes. We had to break the form of the "package" to guarantee success.

We risked our jobs when we provided the finest and most personalized kind of teaching or coaching experience. And yet we were the highest rated teachers by our clients, and had proven track records with individual growth of our students in the range of 300-900 points on the SAT, 10 points growth on the ACT (25-36 final scoring), and sometimes 50% - 60% growth for middle schoolers taking our SHSAT classes for entrance into the Specialized High Schools of NYC. And almost all of our personal students (95%) were admitted into the schools and colleges of their choice (often on scholarship), including BFA and MFA programs across the country from Yale School of Drama to NYU Tisch, Carnegie Mellon, Bown/Trinity, Juilliard and the UW School of Drama or UCSD on the West Coast. So why were we controversial?

The answer was simple: As highly educated and experienced coaches and teachers, we never conformed to the corporate "packages" we were asked to present, but provided unique and highly successful solutions to our clients every time anyway - the original "outside of the box" thinkers, teachers and coaches. Socrates and Plato would be pleased, but not corporate Test Prep, Tutoring or Teaching Artist companies who value codified "content" over personalized coaching, teaching and teachers. As I'm sure you have already determined, "delivery of content," not "content alone," is everything in the educational business.

Consequently, I have founded a company that only employs and trains highly educated, creative, flexible and experienced Master Teachers/Coaches who build "custom packages" for YOU, as the center of our entire educational business. Our greatest asset is our Master Teachers/Coaches (many of whom are also Actors and Directors), and their delivery is what matters most to us at NFW Custom Coaching NYC. Creating a balanced, well-rounded Renaissance style scholar or performing artist is our "raison d'etre!" Your educational success is our Mission...and our Business. I guarantee it.

Credentials & Experience

Neil Flint Worden, Master Teacher/Coach

  • Actor/Director/Educator/Singer/Writer
  • Stage/Film/TV/Commercials
  • 250+Acting Roles/50+Directing Projects
  • Solo Show - The Very Dickens!
  • Equity Actor - AEA
  • 700+ on all sections of the SAT, 30+ on the ACT
  • B.F.A. in Acting - CU Boulder - Colorado Regent's and Dean's Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa and Honors Graduate
  • M.F.A. in Performance - UW School of Drama - Seattle, Washington Peg L. Newman Drama Scholarship Graduate Teaching Artist
  • Director/Co-Producer of Shakespeare Alive! (EVCA) Teen Intensive in Vermont
  • Past Vassar College Head of Acting (6 years of visiting professorship)
  • Past Program Director of a Climbing and Backpacking Camp in the Rockies (12 years and 1,000 personal students each summer)
  • Teaching Artist in the NYC public schools
  • NYC Test Prep Teacher (PSAT/SAT/SAT 2400/ACT/SHSAT)
  • Tutor for Vermont and NYC High School students
  • 30+ Years of teaching and coaching experience in numerous subjects
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